Apr 5, 2010

Game 1: Props If You Can Follow My Thought Process

OH MY GOD BASEBALL. That essentially sums up how I feel right now. For some reason MLBtv won't let me buy a subscription right now (it keeps telling me all my info is invalid) so I must do without Dick and Bert tonight. Luckily the game is on ESPN2, and there is no way that these announcers are more annoying than the White Sox announcers. They also called Joe "Super Joe Mauer". That's acceptable to me.

1st Inning
  • Our new uniforms are very snazzy. They might even be considered "bangin'".
  • Also, that was a rather sad show at the plate by out hitters.
  • People need to stop giving D. Span crap for hitting his mom with a foul ball. The poor guy felt terrible!
  • I'm not sure what Scotty is doing here, but I don't like it.
  • D. Span caught that one for his mom.
2nd Inning-- 0-2 Angels
  • Fielding fail by the Angels-- Canada does not often get infield hits. That slow mo replay was kind of brutal...but I bet Jason Bartlett knows how it feels to not have the ball in your hand when you go to throw it.
  • Weaver solidly fanned Cuddy, there. Oh, Cuddy Bear.
  • I realize how much more I love this team now that Boof is gone, but sad that he followed me here to Boston.
  • I am also really excited about Jim Thome. He was one of the only White Sox that I could ever stand. This calls to mind the time he hit Red Dog in the face. And now the fact that Red Dog isn't here anymore. I wish I could say he's gone to a better place...but I don't think Cleveland counts.
  • Delmon, you can still hit the ball very, very far. 2-2!
  • But...only 2-2 for so long...Scotty, you're 17 now. You need to be able to handle this kind of pressure.
3rd Inning-- 2-3 Angels
  • LNP! I've missed his scrappiness. But not his fly-outs.
  • D. Span needs to get back into the swing of things. No pressure, bro, you're still amazing.
  • Orland. I like you. And I like doubles.
  • I forgot how sexy Joe's follow through is. Dear God, it's beautiful.
  • Him getting called out on strikes though....not so beautiful.
  • What is Torii doing in the dugout? I don't know, but I know that I would want him on my team in charades.
  • Scotty appears to be settling down. I approve of this.
  • 1-2-3 inning for Scotty! About time, kid.
4th Inning-- 2-3 Angels
  • I've misses Justin's batting face. And love the fact that these announcers are wondering what kind of slap shot he has...even though he's a goalie.
  • Oh, Canada...you need to knock one out of the park tonight. Wayne Gretzky is there for you!
  • Cuddy...that was not what you should have done there. I don't even know what to call that.
  • These announcers are funny. They're no Dick and Bert, but those guys are hard to compete with. They're talking about snuggies now.
  • Awwww, Kubes.
  • I get the feeling we are having a slow start.
  • ESPN2 guys: Minnesota is not ALWAYS a frozen tundra. Only...sometimes. To be honest, I'd rather have the snow than the rainy non-sense I get out here in Boston.
  • That was close, Kendrick. None of those just-barely-fair-balls-that-Cuddy-can't-quite-get-to tonight.
  • ESPN2 boys think our new uniforms are also bangin', though that's not the terminology they used. Bert totally would.
  • Another 1-2-3 for Scotty! This is what I like to see. Now our offense should pick it up, too.
5th Inning-- 2-3 Angels
  • I am very touched by the fact that Weaver still writes "NA" on the mound before he starts an inning.
  • Delmon's on track to be my player of the game. He's pulled some pro moves tonight. And then pulls more. I love base stealing.
  • Productive out by J.J. Hardy. I'm glad he knows how the Twins play baseball.
  • LNP once again proves he is the King of Sacrifices (in a non-violent manner).
  • Alright, 3-3, Scotty better keep this up.
  • Bah, right down the middle. Well played, Aybar.
  • Damnit.
  • Oh great. Now Jesse Crain. We do not have the best relationship.
  • Ground ball out, I will take it.
Okay...as pathetic as it is, I need to go to bed...I hate the Pacific Time Zone.

A Long Time Coming

Well, it's been...a long time since I've posted anything resembling an update. A very long time. Which might be a huge loss but I'm not entirely sure. Anyone looking at this blog would wonder what in the heck happened to the 2009 season. I could tell you-- and tell you that I didn't blog about it. Blame life and college. Now, however, my college career is nearing its end, things are blooming here in Boston, Senioritis has set in, and it's Opening Day once more.

Opening Day is better than Christmas to me. The return of baseball is the best thing ever-- it's ridiculous how much this sport can effect my emotions and my daily life. Now comes the time when I start planning social events around the Twins schedule, when I put off (more) work in order to watch the boys and spend quality time with Dick and Bert.

I will say this: I am hella pumped for this season.

Though...part of me has died because Joe Nathan, my original Twins Boyfriend is out for the season. Who's going to make us stand up and shout?