Mar 31, 2008

Take That, Everyone.

And they said we'd suck this season.

Granted, it's only the first game of the season, but what an amazing game it was. I gave in and bought a months worth of MLBtv just so I could hear Dick and Bert and get the pro-Good Guys bias. And oh man, was it worth it.

Moneypenny was at the game, so I'm hoping for a wonderfully detailed description of the experience (and the snow).

But I would just like to go right ahead and make Go Go the B.O.D.

Good work, kid.

Mar 26, 2008

Hi-Lights Is A Killer...?

I have marked in my datebook with red pen the day I will be at my first Twins game of the '08 season. And what do you know, they're playing the Red Sox. I'm counting down the days.


Nothing much to report here, but I would like to point out this blog post by Phil Miller-- it made my day.

of it.

I am unbelievably pumped for this new Twins ad with the pitching staff. I love (most of) our pitching staff. Our pubs department is just raw genius. I always show people here the ads from last year, and I remember my boss was so sad that the Sox didn't do cool ads.

Twins 1, 2007 World Series Champs 0.

My favorite part of that blog was the blurb about Adam Everett's new nickname. The Punto-Redmond Think Tank. Seriously? I love it.

Lammers' response to Phil's question about Everett having a nickname with the Astro's was classy too.

So did Everett have a nickname with the Astros? “Yeah,” Lamb told us. “I think it was ‘Adam.’ "

Lammers is a winner. I love him more and more as the days go by. Carlos Gomez, too. Really, all these new guys are growing on me-- even if we don't know how they feel about Chipotle.

Justin Morneau, by the way, is such a 15 year-old boy (this won't make sense if you don't read the Miller blog linked above).

...If 15 year-old boys won MVP titles and everything...

Mar 23, 2008

Easter W [Twins 3, Orioles 1]

Happy Easter.

But more importantly, Happy Twins Win.

And even more importantly...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MONEYPENNY!

You're legal now. And you got Twins Bobbleheads. Way to be a winner.

I listened to the majority of the game today and I was so proud of Franchise. Scoreless innings are hot. Which makes him B.O.D.:

I really enjoyed hearing Dan Gladden say that Daniel Cabrera is "really just terrible". It made my day.

In other news, Hi-Lights apparently cut his hair. I am hoping that it is still hi-lighted...

Mar 18, 2008

The best thing ever to come out of Minnesota...

It's spring break and although the first part of it kinda (really) failed... my ability to travel to Florida does not seem to exist for certain reasons that will remain unnamed. Therefore, I was sadly unable to join my partner in crime until Sunday in Boston... where strangely enough it was colder than St. Paul...

Earlier today our wanderings brought us to none other than Fenway. We then entered the Red Sox team store... it was overwhelming. I was scared. Imagine the Twins team store in Roseville and multiply it by at least 15... it was huge, I thought I was going to get lost. There was stuff everywhere, you could find any kind of shirt, pants, shorts, any type of clothing with Red Sox written all over it. It was pretty much any Red Sox fan's heaven... It made L and I realize that this is what the Twins need and we're totally willing to work at this new Twins superstore (because the people that worked at the Red Sox one were bitchy and we don't want the Twins store to be the same way).

L and I did buy Red Sox shirts--this does not effect our Twins loyalty, L just has a big thing for Ellsbury and Coco is my best friend. I believe the conversation went something like this....

L: What shirt are you going to get?
Me: COCO! (no hesitation what so ever)

I would have loved if that man came and played for the Twins, not only does he have an amazing name but he's a damn good center fielder too... I hope he finds himself a new home where he can play everyday.

In other news... Joe Mauer is God this spring hitting .458! WHOLE LOTTA! The best thing to come out of Minnesota? Joe Mauer (and the Mighty Duck trilogy).

Mar 16, 2008

Can You Do The Can Can?

Ok. Moneypenny and I have way too much fun with Jib Jab...

Don't send a lame eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!

What Is Love?

Love is taking the team roster photos of some of your players and making them into break dancing Jib Jab cartoons...

Don't send a lame eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!

Mar 15, 2008

Of All The Things I Love... [Twins 11, Philies 2]

I really love when we decide to win.

First the Pirates yesterday, now an amazing 11-2 win over the Philies. I am so down with another win streak. I was a little worried after the Yankees killed it (and on my birthday, no less)...but no longer.

I was at the game yesterday, it was a lot of fun. There were a lot of Pirates fans around me, but that was okay. Also, no one cheered for Mike Lamb when I was at the I did. Real loud. I love Lammers. And today he deserved it. Today, it seems like everyone deserves a good long cheer.

Kevin Slowey had five strike outs, one walk, one run, and two hits over four innings.

Glen Perkins and the rest of our pen gave up a combine one run.

Carlos Gomez went 3 for 4. He hit a two run homer and stole 2nd twice. [GIVE THIS KID THE JOB, PLEASE!]

Little Nicky finally got some more hits-- two. One of which was a two run triple. Triples are hot, Nicky, and two run triples are even hotter. He stole 2nd, too. Then made it to 3rd on a wild pitch.

The B.O.D. is a hard choice today. But, I think I'm going to give it to Nicky. It's about time he started hitting the ball again...

So, congrats on a Pre-Season B.O.D., Nick.

Let's see more of this.

I'm back to Boston in the morning, so I'll have more Spring Training pictures up in the next few days. Look forward to some non-blurry shots of Boof Lite, LNP, and pretty much the rest of the team.

Oh-- I've also given Adam Everett a nickname. 'Hi-Lights'.

See the previous post for an explanation.

Also...I love this video of the boys reading the haiku's that were written about them. Really, I can't pick a favorite. Boof probably takes the cake, Joe and Justin are both adorably hilarious, TK is a winner, and Kevin looks so serious...awwww.

Mar 13, 2008

Greetings From Sunny Florida...

Sadly, since Moneypenny's last post, the losing streak has continued. Despite that, I am content. Why? Because I'm in Florida, and I got to witness the glory of Spring Training on Tuesday-- and will again tomorrow morning.

I have to say the coolest thing was watching BP and listening to Gardy joke around. I love Gardy. Hearing him go "Oh, my bad!" to the boys just made me love him more.

Hammond Stadium is, I think, a pretty nice facility. It's not too huge, as I imagine Legends Field is, but it's not too small, either.

The practice fields, from the perspective of the above picture, are located behind me. There are three fields (if I recall correctly) aside from the one in the stadium, the back ones used to minor league camp, I think.

This was taken from the outer deck of Hammond Stadium. If you look closely, you can see some minor leaguers doing jumping-jacks in the distance.... and then, another shot of the interior...

I watched the BP for a while (mostly I was waiting for a good opportunity to get a picture of Kevin Slowey, who was the acting ballboy)...

...saw Dick come by and chat up Alexi Casilla (no Bert though, much to my mother's dismay)...

...saw Boof Light in the flesh, even though it was from a distance...sorry, I know it's blurry...

...saw LNP in the cages, hitting off a tee...

...Sideshow was really nice to the fans waiting for the team outside the field, he came over right away and was all smiles...

...watched the boys warm up...

...decided Adam Everett totally hi-lights his hair...

...watched a nicely tanned Joe Mauer catch one of the two Ceremonial First Pitches...

...and then, of course, I saw the game.

The catch Craig Monroe made in the early innings was great. Nicky was running for it, and made it all the way out to right field, then jumped away at the last second as Monroe dove.

Let me tell you: it was good to see baseball again.

I have more pictures, but I can only mess around with Bloggers weird set up for so long...that, and I need to get to bed so I can drive back and see more baseball in the morning. Hopefully, our losing streak will end against the Pirates...

On a side note, the Rays-Yankees fight was epic. Those Girls capture it nicely, and so does the actual video from I like watching Jason Bartlett run up and try and stop it all. Good effort, Jason-- really.

Mar 9, 2008

End of 7 Straight...

Ok, so the streak is over. But come on, 7 straight! I can't complain about that. At least we only lost by 2, not like how the Royals were owned by the Cubs 13-1... ouch.

But in more important news...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY L! You're not a teenager anymore! Not going to lie... that worries me...

But, in the spirit of giving, this one is for you...


Mar 7, 2008

Split Squad Domination [A-Twins 7, BoSox 2 and B-Twins 4, Toronto 0]

And people say we're going to suck this season.

First off, I did not listen to the entire game. I heard the first few innings of the BoSox game (Clay Bucholz fails-- how do you hit someone on the first pitch?! ...and bad job, Sideshow. They may be Red Sox, but that doesn't mean you have to hit them) and was so glad that Franchise pitched like he hadn't been on a year long break. I mean, sure he wasn't in top form-- but I'd say, for your first start in a year, two hits, one walk, and no runs after Tommy John surgery is pretty good.

The back-to-back home runs courtesy of Canada and Craig Monroe were nice, too. Nick Blackburn also gets a high-five for a stellar performance. I'm also falling in love with Lammers-- which is Gardy's new nick-name for Mike Lamb. Gardy is so hard NOT to love.

Glen Perkins and Phil Humber were also pretty soild versus Toronto. Carlos Gomez decided to stop being a nub-cake and got two hits, didn't lose any balls, and stole another base.

Since the games were split squad today, I'm going to go ahead and just give the B.O.D. to Franchise. C'mon, he's earned it. He gets to be a loltwin now, too. Congrats, Frankie.

(Scottie, I love you, I promise...)

Tomorrow morning I pack it up and head to Florida to see my grandparents... and two see two Spring Training games! I don't know the internet situation down there, but expect pictures and a joyful update of the beauty of Fort Meyers and the Twins. Moneypenny will be joining me on Thursday, so if you see two girls at Hammond Stadium wearing shirts that say 'SIDESHOW' on the back... just shout 'LOLTWINS' or something.

Here's hoping for some awesome Spring baseball.

First Pitch...Hits?

So, the game has just started, I'm waiting excitedly for The Franchise to come out and just own the Red Sox...and the VERY FIRST PITCH HITS DERNARD SPAN. Bad job, Clay Bucholz.

AND he just stole 2nd.

That's what you get, Red Sox.

PS: Who loved that game yesterday? I did. So did Those Girls-- who especially loved Matt Marci.

Mar 6, 2008

Once More, We Triumph Over Evil [Twins 7, NYY 5]

I loved today's game. The announcer's weren't as pro-Yankee as I expected-- one admitted to being a Red Sox fan, and apparently went past Steinbrenner with Sox apparel on. I thought that was a good one. My roommate is also a Yankee fan. It was nice to go to dinner and tell her "Haha, we owned you!".

Delmon Young continues to impress me, and I'm starting to find him slightly adorable. And Garrett Jones, who I have always found adorable, and something like a dark haired Justin Morneau, really impressed me. That two run homer was beautiful. Not so beautiful, however, was Joba Chamberlain nailing Matt Tolbert in the ANKLE. THE ANKLE! I winced when I saw that. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who found the timing of the hit-by-pitch sketchy-- Gardy went out and gave that young boy a look.

I think Joba is adorable in his own right, even if he is a Yankee (I mean, his name is Joba the Hutt...who isn't lovable at all, but any ways...), but I think he might have some anger issues... I remember last year when the Yanks were here at Fenway and he threw two balls past Kevin Youkilis's ear. Kevin Youkilis, by the way, looks like a convict. No offense, or anything.

Needless to say, Joba was ejected. All these close calls and hits don't sit well with me, especially when they are against our nice boys...I guess I would like to say I'm glad Joba is a Yankee. We don't hit people in the ankle, or throw balls past their ears.

That being said, B.O.D. honors go out to Garrett Jones for his two run homer. He gets to be a loltwin now, too.

Mar 3, 2008

In Honor of Another Victory... get a loltwin.

The victory, by the way, was 8-6 over the Reds. I fell asleep listening to the game earlier when the boys were winning, and I woke up and they were losing, so I freaked out and went to the gym...and then we came back and won.

I saw this picture of Kevin Mulvey and immediately decided I like him. And I also know that this is the Heisman trophy pose, but come on... it could totally be breakdancing.


I'm also awarding Carlos Gomez his first B.O.D. Stealing two bases is awesome. And I know Alexi Casilla did it, too, but I'm stil in awe of Gomez' on target throw from CF to get Dustin Pedroia out at home...that, and all I heard of the game really was Gomez' stealing... Those Girls have a much more deserving and well thought out B.O.D., I admit.

Mar 2, 2008

Wait-- what? We won? 8-2?

Yeah, that's right. Our farm system can hold it down.

I should go stand outside Fenway and laugh, yelling something ridiculous like "'07 World Series champs WHAT?!" but that would probably get me beaten up, and severely interfere the studying I have to do. In my head though, and maybe a little bit out loud, I am laughing.

I was pretty impressed with most of the game, we got good hits (even LNP got one!), got on BASE, pitched wonderfully (where is Shaggy's scruff, though?), and hey, we won.

Really, I don't have much else to say. And the entire team is the B.O.D. today. They really just all win.