Apr 30, 2008

Ur Doin it RIGHT [Twins 3, Axis of Evil 1]

So, this is slightly overdue, but I think that's alright. I had my last day of actual classes today (complete with two exams and a 10 page paper), and now there is only one final standing between me and a plane back to good ol' Minnesota. Let me tell you, I am excited. Not, however, for the snow that seems to keep falling there...

On last nights game, I couldn't have been more pleased. At first I was really sad that Bert was not there for me in my time of need, but Ron Coomer was cracking me up, making fun of Bert, and, well, Coomer. He and Dick were pretty funny together-- I'm pretty sure at one point, Dick said the words "tricked out".

I think my favorite part, however, was when Coomer made comments about Nick Swisher's facial hair-- which has just gotten weirder...and the roasting of AJ was also pretty enjoyable.

Moneypenny: AJ = sucker. Thats tonights theme.

Joe's triple and now 11-game hit streak is pretty hot, I won't lie. I just wish Justin would catch up... he seemed pretty confused when Kubes hit the homerun he should have, and when Boof sprinted off the mound to make the out at first. I think Justin's a bit disgruntled...but disgruntled Justin is pretty hot. Last night he inspired the name of a beer that I am (apparently) going to be brewing in my room: 'Smoldering Canadian'.

We finally gave Skinny Boof run support, and the smile on his face last night when Telly Hughes interviewed him was the most adorable thing ever. It finally got Moneypenny to admit that she too finds Boof adorable...

L: awwww he adorable!

Moneypenny: he is...

Moneypenny: FRICK
Moneypenny: i did...

I was also a fan of AJ's inability to throw people out...and his wild throws when he tried. Delmon's throw from left field was also amazing, and quite possibly worth an honorable B.O.D. mention, but really, I've got to give it to Boof.

His 104:73 Strike:Ball ratio was, and is, hot.

Congrats, Boof.

On a different note, I some how managed to score tickets to the Red Sox game tonight.

Go figure.

A wonderful way to end the last day of classes, I think. I'm hoping tonight game is more exciting than last night's game, and that I can get some cool pictures. Whether you like the Red Sox or not, a trip to Fenway is definitely a must for any baseball fan. The atmosphere of the park is just amazing. And really, there's not a bad seat in the entire park (unless you're behind one of the upper deck supports...which I was once, but if I moved my head a little bit I was fine).

Apr 28, 2008

Ur All Doin It Wrong

I would just like to say, this is NOT directed at Gogo. Really...Gogo is usually pretty good about doin' it RIGHT (and he hasn't played the last two games).

But, really guys, this is how I feel right now:

Apr 20, 2008

Gogo Can Haz A loltwin?

Why, yes, Gogo, in fact you can. Mostly because I say so.

That catch made my day. And so did the win.

I've also decided that in the interim period while Kevin is in rehab, Carlos Gomez is my boyfriend. I won't tally it...but he is. I love that guy. Seriously. Torii Hunter couldn't have made that catch.

And that's saying a lot.

NOTE: Carlos did in fact get the #1 Web Gem on Baseball Tonight :D

Gotta Love Extra Innings! [Twins 2, The Tribe 1]

The lesson learned from today?

With Scotty's abnormally long legs and lack of torso, anything is possible. I know he didn't get the win, but 7 innings with 5 hits and 1 run against Paul Byrd is pretty darn good, especially when L has decided that Byrd is the Red Dog of the Indians--a bad ass veteran. I think he knew today. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that he looked 17ish today and was giving the Indian lineup evil faces. Whatever it was, it was working.

What wasn't working? Our offense. I'm getting pretty sick and tired of us hitting the ball to a place where someone is standing... Is that necessary? I'm going to go ahead and say no. During this series we scored an amazing 5 runs... really guys? Really? Goal for next series: let's aim for scoring 10 runs. Yes? I think it's doable. Although we have to hand it to Justin today! Walk-off hits are pretty mind-blowing and not only that, he hit 3 out of the 5 RBIs this series. Good work Canada.

But sorry to say, the Repub beats you out for B.O.D., lets face it, he actually did good today... I was just happy that someone other than Canada or Kubes decided to hit the long ball. So for tying the game up to 1-1. Nicely done for a republican.

L: I love a republican... WTFFF!

Also we have to give a shout out to Gomez. What an amazing catch, Hunter couldn't have even pulled that one out (even with his new Bentley). Right after the catch a friend of mine sent me a text and I think it really sumed it up, "Gomez 4 President." I fully agree.

In other Twins news, the 4th commerical should be coming out any day now. They showed some of it during the game today. It was the best thing ever...
Moneypenny: I LOVE IT!
Dick and Bert loved the ad as well and later made fun of Shaggy's "monotone voice." It was wonderful.

In fact, the whole game was wonderful. Like I said, with Scotty's freakishly long legs, anything is possible.

Apr 19, 2008

Shut Outs and...Dreams? [Twins 3, The Team With a Racially Insisitive Name That Plays By Lake Erie* 0]

While I did not see today's game (because Fox is regional...) I heard the last half of it or so. Man, was I happy. I don't like when we get shut out, but I thoroughly enjoy when we shut other people out.

I know it's the obvious thing to do, but I am giving Nick Blackburn the B.O.D. He deserves it-- throwing a shut out when you're a rookie is pretty incredible. Nick has impressed me with all his outings so far, which I'm taking to be a very good sign. Way to go, Stud.

In other news, it has become clear to me that it is most definitely time to return to Minnesota. Last night I dreamt that I was dating Johnathon Papelbon. The Amazing Irish Step Dancing Closer himself.

What. The. F?!

Don't get me wrong, I love Pap. I bought his shirt here way before any of the dancing (Summer of '07, in fact) or crazy antics because I think he is an amazing pitcher. He's right behind Joe Nathan on my list of Favorite Bad Ass Closers. But...really, it came out of no where. I haven't even seen him pitch more than once this season.

Maybe it's his Dunkin' Donuts ad where he gets slapped on the butt by a bunch of people...his face is priceless (I tried to look for a video of this, but no go...).

All I know is that if I'm dreaming of dating a pitcher, it should be Kevin Slowey...or at least someone from the Twins. Not that Johnathon was a bad boyfriend. Really, I guess I'd date Pap again...I mean, he is adorable...

*Blatantly stolen from Pulling A Blyleven

Apr 16, 2008

Chicka Chicka Yeah Is Right [Twins 6, Rays 5]

Obviously my McLovin inspired loltwin of Joe Nathan made him want to win. Which is good, because the rest of us wanted to win, too.

I loved every minute of this game (I mean come on, they let Nicky play!), but I have to say, my favorite part was in the 8th inning when Carl Crawford slid into foul territory and caught the ball that allowed Delmon to score.

Take that, Crawford.

I think Dick and Bert referred to it as a "mental error".

The replay from last year that they showed of Crawford trying to get a triple and forcing the man held up at third out and causing a double play was also amusing. Really, he seems like such a cocky guy. So I laughed at him.

It was nice to see that Jason Bartlett is still the same old Jason Bartlett, throwing away balls and what not. Only now it's in our favor, so I guess that works out pretty nicely. I hope he and the Twins all go get Chipotle now. He can bring his new BFF, Akinori Iwamura. I'm sure it will be good times.

Joe Nathan was amazing as ever. I'm loving his 0.00 ERA. A lot. And since I already love Joe Nathan (a lot), it just makes it even better. He did this great little chuckle when Jason stole 2nd on him and sort of shook his head. I loved it.

The B.O.D. for today is a tough decision. For me it falls between two players: GoGomez and Joe Mauer.

Joe went 3-for-4, scored 2 runs, and also threw 2 men out at second.

GoGo went 2-for-4 with 2 stolen bases.

I admit I'm partial to GoGo, mostly because I think he's adorable and he's helping me with stolen bases in my fantasy league. Brendan Harris, my favorite republican, was also considered for getting Dlmon into scoring position in the 8th... but I think I'm going to have to give it to Joe. I love when people get thrown out trying to steal, and batting .500 in a game is pretty hot.

So, Joe Mauer, you get to be B.O.D. today, your first of the 2008 season.

Joe Nathan Is McLovin

I really don't have much to say about these past two days...other than that they were relatively disappointing. Who gives up 8 runs in 3 innings?

We do, of course.

I don't know if I want this "Let's-lead-all-game-then-give-up-mad-runs-and-then-lose-by-one" Twins team. Not again. Last year we were so unbelievably pro at losing by one run. I've have enough of that game.

I'm hoping we turn this around tonight. Even though I hate to be mean to Jason Bartlett. My sister was dying to go to the game tonight, because she loves Jason Bartlett. There is a life size poster of him in her room. I won't lie, I'm jealous. I've got a Justin Morneau poster...but it's not life size. That would just be too much awesome for me.

So, in hopes for a Twins win tonight, have a loltwin:

Because Joe Nathan has totally seen 'Superbad', and he is most definitely dancing and/or singing here...

Apr 14, 2008

"Lets let the Wild win tonight guys!"

So... tonights game... yeah.... not a lot to say.

My theory-- I think the RedDog-LNP think-tank came up with the idea that hey, only one Minnesota team should really win tonight. So the Twins, in their respect for the Wild (mostly fueled by Justin's Canadian-ness) lost tonight in hopes that the Wild will win. I don't know if this is true or not but it's what myself, and L, are going with.

Also, I think both L and I want to confess something... we might have slightly transfered the Suck from the Tigers to the Twins... only slightly though. It was all Pudge's fault, I mean, if you're going to have that nickname expect to get made fun of...
L: If Jim Leeland yelled at me, I'd cry.
Moneypenny: Me too.
L: lol "and he just let 'em have it after the game" I just picture like the team sitting around and looking really dejected
Moneypenny: Pudge probably cried.
L: He so did.

L: Pudge will comfort him. I picture Pudge like a shorter, fatter version of Mike Redmond.
Moneypenny: lol yeah pretty much.

L: Why is Ivan Rodriguez's nickname 'Pudge'?
L's Dad: Because he's a little wub.
L: Burnnnnn!!!!
Moneypenny: NICE! I like that explanation!
Really the question is... WHO HAS THE NICKNAME PUDGE?!?!?! WHY?!?!? His name doesn't even have a P in it...

These comments were followed by a solo homerun and a two run triple... frick! Also in our running commentary tonight were a few comments about Clete "Who Has A Redneck Name" Thomas and how Bobby Seay needs to stay away from Little Nicky Punto because he might eat him. These were not proud moments looking back (as I'm sure L would agree with me)...but let's be serious, they were true comments... Honestly it's not like we're lying.

On a side note, L and I are both obsessed with Magglio Ordonez's hair. Holy crap that hair is silky smooth, HOW DOES HE DO IT?!?! And as L pointed out--the man must be the envy of the clubhouse. I think I might need to know what conditioner he uses. When the Tigers come to the Dome I'll be sure to ask him.

So our comments were not completely negative. And I'll be the first to admit that I didn't care when that first run score, it did break a 25 scoreless inning streak for them and I felt bad. But... THE TWINS WOKE UP THE TIGERS!!!! I hope all the other teams in the league don't hate us.

Apr 10, 2008

Pay Back Is A Bitch [Twins 12, ChiSox 5]

Words fail me at how awesome the AL Central was tonight (minus the White Sox, obviously).

The Tigers finally got a win. I'm hoping they won't be so angry when they face us now that the finally have a nice 7-2 victory under their belt. My room mate and I went to dinner at the Unos in Kenmore square tonight (generally not the best idea when there is a game) and I wore my Papelbon shirt (because I ran out of Twins shirts...clearly it is time to do laundry) and I saw some Detroit fans. Two of them were seated next to us, actually. I wanted to reach out and offer some AL Central support, but as I was in a Red Sox shirt, they might've thought I was mocking them.

The Royals continue to take the AL by storm. Beating the Yankees 4-0. I love it. That's pretty much all I can say.

And finally...the Twins. I would personally like to request many more steam rollings of the White Sox. I was slightly disappointed at the beginning of the night because I had to watch the White Sox broadcast. They are slightly racist. I did not like it. They were talking about Gogo and how he is the "tallest Gomez" around.

Moneypenny and I had a running commentary of the game, and our reaction to that went like this:

Moneypenny: oh my god
Moneypenny: can they say that?
L: i don't think so
L: i hope he steals on them
Moneypenny: i hope he steals HOME on them

Seriously. They sort of redeemed themselves later by saying that Bert deserves to be and WILL be in the Hall of Fame... Gogo also showed them how much of a bad ass he is by flying around in center field and making amazing catches.

I also really enjoyed the 2.1 innings that Danks pitched. I won't lie, I took a lot of pleasure out of those awful rather brutal innings. Not that it got much better for the ChiSox...

Aside from some rather lame homeruns tonight, Scotty appeared to know what he was doing. He was nice enough to get me 7 strike outs for my fantasy team. Good work, Scotty. He had some good moves too.

Like when he threw out Juan Uribe:

L: take that-- you just got thrown out by a 12 year old

Moneypenny also made an interesting observation about Scotty...

Moneypenny: Scotty has really long legs and a short upper body

It's true. I'd never noticed it before, I was too distracted by him looking like a 12 year old boy. As the game went on though, I got significantly weirded out.

Not, however, as weirded out as I am by whatever the heck Nick Swisher has on his face...

Moneypenny: I KNOW
Moneypenny: nastyness?
L: pretty much
Moneypenny: hes so ugly
Moneypenny: he doesn't look right
L: i know
Moneypenny: there is something really odd about him
L: i know
L: i just dont get it.
Moneypenny: me either

Even towards the later innings, we still had no idea what was on his face.

Moneypenny: WHAT IS THAT?!?!?!
Moneypenny: DOES HE THINK THATS COOL?!?!?!
L: something died on his face

After much consideration, however, we finally figured out why exactly Scotty gave up a homerun to Swisher (the others we really have no explanation for)...

L: i think scotty gave up the HR
L: because he was too distracted by whatever died on swishers face
Moneypenny: lol YEAH!!
Moneypenny: that was it

And of course, the most epic part of the game was Kubes' Grand Slam. Beautiful.

Moneypenny: KUBES!!!!!!!
L: this is what
L: the 3rd time the bases have been loaded?
Moneypenny: i think so
L: maybe 4th?
L: thats what i think
Moneypenny: yeah me too
Moneypenny: KUBES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PAY BACK IS A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moneypenny and I have a special place in our hearts for Kubes. We met him when we met LNP, and he was really shy. It was adorable.

In case no one could figure it out, Kubes is B.O.D. today. You can't get much hotter than a Grand Slam.

Also...I'm really sad that Lammers got hurt tonight....he's sorta like my infield boyfriend...

Lets hope we repeat this all tomorrow. But maybe with a bigger run deficit...

Apr 8, 2008

Not Really Twins News...

Mostly because there isn't a whole lot to report... I really wanted us to win Monday so I could give Lammers B.O.D. but alas, it was not meant to be. Maybe next time, Mike.

I would also like to address Sideshow's last performance... GRAND SLAM?! REALLY SIDESHOW?! WHAT THE HECK?! SINCE WHEN DO YOU DO THAT?!

That was pretty much my reaction to that. Then I felt relieved that he and his 40.50 ERA are not on my fantasy team... Sorry, Moneypenny.

In other news, I would really like to know...


I mean, I know they're our rivals, but I like them more than, say...the White Sox.

It was the Red Sox home opener today (I braved Kenmore square in a Delmon Young shirt to deposit a check...I think the fact that I was a large, bat-throwing man kept them from hustling me) and the Tigers lost yet again.


Didn't they go to the World Series two years ago? Aren't they "the team to beat in the AL"?

Nope. Apparently not.

Apparently that's the Royals...which I won't lie, I enjoy. They're like the perpetual sleeper team.

But while watching the Sox game today, Jim Leeland just looked so, well... sad. And for an old baseball manager, he's pretty adorable, and I felt bad.

They should win a game sometime soon.

...then we can sweep them next week.

In the meantime, have a loltwin:

Apr 6, 2008

3 Run Homers Are Hot [Twins 6, Royals 4]

I was out all day yesterday (from about 4:30 am to 12:00 am...) and I did not see any of the amazing game yesterday. I did get text message updates though, and the 6-4 win was wonderful.

Almost as wonderful as Justin's 3 run homer.



Oh Canada...he's so adorable when he smiles. This B.O.D. also puts my sister on the board for the B.O.D. tally. Nice work, Muffin.

Apr 4, 2008

Scotty Might Know...

Tonight was the night of amazingness and to celebrate the amazingness I think a list needs to be created...
  1. Justin finally decided to hit the ball into a gap for a RBI double.
  2. Gomez with yet another amazing game. Fastest man in baseball without a doubt. 2 hits and 2 stolen bases and a run scored!
  3. Everett dropped the suicide squeeze play to score the go ahead run! He's not nicknamed Killer for nothing. It was amazing and I think we need to do them more often just for the coolness. And as L pointed out while watching the game, they're "sexy".
  4. Scotty had an amazing comeback after a rough start. Leading me to believe that maybe he does know... And how bad ass is it that he totally dominates the Royals, 4-0 record now and we can forget about that almost perfect game last season!
  5. Nathan got his second save this season! And, of course, in in typical Joe Nathan fashion made it suspenseful.
  6. Nicky Punto came in during the 8th inning and of course schooled everyone and their mother on how to play third!
  7. Lammers hit a double right down the 1st baseline!
  8. Mauer went 2 for 4 with an RBI and a run scored. Hot.
  9. Tolbert is a mini Justin. Too bad he's not from Canada too, but you can't win them all.
  10. Although technically this wasn't the same game, Liriano struck out 8 in his first minor league start and throw 82 pitches... bad ass. I'll be back up here in no time.
On a sad note... Cuddy is heading for the DL... frick!
"Twins right fielder Michael Cuddyer left Friday night's game in the third inning with a dislocated right index finger. He was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center for X-rays. The injury occurred when Cuddyer slid headfirst into third base after hustling from first to third on a Justin Morneau RBI single. Cuddyer dove for the bag and appeared to run his hand into Royals third baseman Alex Gordon, who was guarding the bag."
Cuddy, did you not learn your lesson from last year???? I guess not. Get better soon because right field isn't the same without you.

Apr 2, 2008

The Night of Nicks [Twins 0, Angels 1]

Well, even though I didn't see most of the game, and even though we lost (on an unearned run, too!), I still think some B.O.D. honors need to be given out.

And quite obviously, those honors go to Nick Blackburn.

What. A. Stud.

I had my doubts about him being in the rotation, but I think it's safe to say he earned his spot. And he most definitely earned B.O.D. Six strike outs in your first Major League start?


The other Nick that needs addressing is Nick Punto. When I found out he was in the line-up I sent Moneypenny a very excited text message (and then dubbed tonight 'The Night of Nicks'), and I have to say, I'm proud of him. I didn't see his hit, but I saw his flying in the 9th. I'm glad he's still got his superpowers.

I'm really sad that MLB TV doesn't let me watch the post game...I wanted to see them interview Torii and then to watch Bert makes plays in the field wearing dress pants... I was told Torii said that playing the Twins in front of people he loves is the hardest thing he's ever done, and that Nick Blackburn is "going to be something special".

It's hard for us, too, Torii. We (well, most of us) still love you, and appreciate everything you did for us while you were here. I was happy for you when you got your first hit tonight (and even happier nothing became of it) and I wish you the best of luck in Anaheim...except when you play the Twins, of course.

Home Opener 2008... About Time Baseball Started Again!

Ok, so sorry this is a bit late but I was in no state to write this thing after the game on Monday and homework overtook me on Tuesday, but I promise it will be worth the wait.

After about a 20 minute walk in the snow in the wind tunnel known as Minneapolis we finally arrived at the Dome, looking like we all had just taken a shower with our clothes on... but it was worth it. BASEBALL IS BACK.

I came to the realization that night walking to our seats, that I actually missed the dome--I missed the whole atmosphere: the over priced food and drinks, the drunken fans, the nasty off white color of the dome's roof and, I hate to say this, but I actually missed the smell of dome dogs... I never said it was a good realization. But, if any lesson was learned from opening day its this... THE NEW BALLPARK NEEDS A RETRACTABLE ROOF! Let's face it, I'm big enough fan to sit through a snow storm, rain storm or the freezing cold to see the boys play but opening night was ridiculous. Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I can move on...

After the ceremonially first pitch, the reading of the rosters and national anthem they were finally done and... BASEBALL STARTED! I was fully impressed by Livan Hernandez and especially when I learned that he never topped 85 mph (on a total side note, this also settles an argument I've been having with certain people. They say that you have to be topping out at 92ish mph not to get killed in this league, I say its all about location and changing speeds... who's right now suckers!). I'll admit that I was a little reluctant about the whole Hernandez thing because the little (and by little I mean 330+ pounds, Boof was a twig last season compared to him) Ponson experiment. I'm looking forward to seeing what Hernandez will bring to the team this year.

I was really happy and yet really sad to see Torii Hunter... I was very confused by these feelings. I did love the warm welcome he received from the fans (myself and my friends included, it really isn't his falt he's not playing for us, if I was him and was low-balled by the Twins I probably would have left too) and a class act deserves just that. Every time we cheered for him, he raised his hat and touched his chest--it pretty much almost made me cry. I still can't picture him in any other uniform... I still can't believe he's gone, even after seeing him play for another team.
And on another side note, I'd like to address what some other blogger said about them being glad that Juan Rincon hit Torii with a pitch (I believe they said, "Juan Rincon: International Bad Ass"). WHO SAYS THAT?!?!? I truly believe that he didn't deserve to get hit, this is not A.J. Pierzynski or Carl Crawford or A-Rod-- IT'S TORII HUNTER! He warrants a bit more respect than that. No offense or anything, but the statement didn't settle well with me. Hunter spent the last 11 years playing his heart out for the Twins. Even if you're mad that he left and signed with another team, respect what he did for the Twins while he was here.

In other news, HOW IMPRESSIVE WAS GOMEZ! Two hits, two stolen bases and a walk with a run scored! Whole lotta! I know that these days will be mostly be few and far between but they're going to be amazing when they happen. This kid is going to be a superstar if he continues this way, it's going to be great. The picture was from when Gomez scored on Joe Mauer's single, what a way to start out the season.

The awesomeness that is Pat Neshek. Three strike outs! I think so.

Joe Nathan! What a guy, what a guy. First save of the season, hopefully many more to follow.

Cuddy and Gomez playing catch!

Delmon Young! I'm really glad that we finally found someone to hold down the fort in left. He's going to be a fun player to watch.

Joe Nathan schooling the Angels!


Well that's it for now, but I'm sure there will be a post soon about Nick Blackburn's start tonight... who L has already claimed to be the "new Twin's stud", lets hope she's right.