Apr 5, 2010

A Long Time Coming

Well, it's been...a long time since I've posted anything resembling an update. A very long time. Which might be a huge loss but I'm not entirely sure. Anyone looking at this blog would wonder what in the heck happened to the 2009 season. I could tell you-- and tell you that I didn't blog about it. Blame life and college. Now, however, my college career is nearing its end, things are blooming here in Boston, Senioritis has set in, and it's Opening Day once more.

Opening Day is better than Christmas to me. The return of baseball is the best thing ever-- it's ridiculous how much this sport can effect my emotions and my daily life. Now comes the time when I start planning social events around the Twins schedule, when I put off (more) work in order to watch the boys and spend quality time with Dick and Bert.

I will say this: I am hella pumped for this season.

Though...part of me has died because Joe Nathan, my original Twins Boyfriend is out for the season. Who's going to make us stand up and shout?

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