Jul 30, 2008

Oh, Hey Guys, Welcome Back!


Man, does this feel good!

Only 1/2 a game back. I love it.

Not that I thought we were falling out of the race, but the boys were starting to look a little tired and overplayed. It made me nervous.

Especially when I thought Gogo broke his back... those were a scary few minutes of my life. But I loved last night when he went into center field in the 8th and the entire Dome got really excited. I got really excited and cheered in my basement, too.

Kevin Slowey was amazing. A complete game AND a shut out?


I really love when we beat the White Sox. Like, words can't describe how much I enjoy it. Between Nick Swisher and AJ and Ozzie...it is just wonderful. Because really... they all seem like asses to me. And that means they deserve to be beaten by our nice Twins.

So, in honor of these wonderful past two games... the entire team is the B.O.D.

Jul 23, 2008

Will The Real Minnesota Twins Please Stand Up? ...Please?

So uhm…I have a question:

Where did the Twins go?

Because surely, this cannot be them. Being swept by the Yankees? I mean—at least we split the series with them in May...

Maybe this is actually Cleveland? They’ve been on a winning streak lately. Maybe they switched with us after the All Star break. I bet it was all Grady Sizemore and Casey Blake's idea, and they used Ryan Garko to do their dirty work. They probably switched the entire team via some crazy, Star Terk-esque portal with blue lights and a big red button.

Yeah. That’s gotta be it.

Jul 22, 2008

Bombed in the Bronx

Well that was painful... 12 to 4. The first game that I could actually sit down and watch in its entirety since before the All-Star break, and that's what I get...

Whenever I think of Sidney Ponson, I don't think of the opposing team getting the crap kicked out of them. I tend to think of the opposite. Where the hell was this guy last season when he pitched for us???? The man had a ERA of 7 when he was in a Twins uniform and no team wanted him after we let him go. What happened to that guy? The guy that made Boof look skinny and good. That brings me to a whole other topic... why do we let Boof pitch? Has any good come from it? No. Is masochism the new trend? Apparently so.

To explain today's terrible loss, L and I have come up with a theory that goes like this...

Moneypenny: Maybe the Twins all went to Central Park or something and saw the cast of Gossip Girl filming a scene and remembered how heartbroken they were after the season finale... I bet thats why Gogo went 0 for 5, he was still in shock of how big a bitch Chuck was. That explains everything...


Moneypenny: My guess is when Dan broke up with Serena, Joe started to cry and Justin came up and gave him a big hug saying, "it's ok, let it out." While LNP just looked off into the distance wondering why Lilly married Bart. That's how exactly went down.

L: It is. I bet Gogo and Casilla were confused and went to download the first season in Spanish.

It is obvious that they're minds just weren't focused on the game today. And understandably so, no on was ready for that season finale. But I hope after a good nights rest all will be forgotten and Slowey will pitch a shutout to make up for the first game (at least that's my hope).

On the bright side, the White Sox lost as well tonight thanks to Texas (never ever thought I would say that). That still leaves us a half game behind.

Jul 15, 2008

The Amazingness That Is Canada

Love it. I know that this will be to most people outside of Twins Territory known as the Home Run Derby that Josh Hamilton lost... BUT JUSTIN WON! And that's all that really matters to me. Way to make Minnesota--and Canada--proud.

Jul 4, 2008

Punto is a Super Hero [Twins 7, Tigers 0]

Ok, so this is a little late but in my defense I've been fighting off a nasty case of jet lag. I got back from my trip on the 1st and less than 24 hours later I was at the dome, if that isn't team spirit I don't know what is. I was sadden by the fact that I had missed a 10 game win streak but that was erased when I watched us totally beat down the Tigers. It was amazing. My hat is off to the Twins for the awesome welcome home.

It was without a doubt the afternoon of Nicks. Nick Blackburn continues to amaze me, pitching 7 shut-out innings and only allowing 3 hits. But it was truly Nick Punto's day (I'm mean expect for that little base running error...). The man went 2 for 3 with an RBI and a walk, which makes me start to wonder if Punto from yesteryear is back. And not only was it a great day for him at the plate but also defensively he still rocks. Gotta love diving catches. The man is a super hero... seriously, he can fly. Keep up the good work LNP.

In other news, I was quite freaked out when I turned on the game Monday night and saw Denard Span... that's just not cool. Cuddy's return better happen fast.