Feb 29, 2008

Red Dog

I don't know if that's the best caption, but Red's face is priceless.

Well that was...

...somewhat of a let down.

I don't know what I was expecting, but it was a little bit more than 8-3, Sox. Granted, the Sox are the WS Champs, and they do have an exceptional team who were all together all of last year... but still.

I was very (happily) surprised at Skinny Boof. Really surprised. I actually think he's cute now! And, even though he only pitched 2 innings, looked pretty good. Kevin Slowey was shaky, but I still love him. What was up with Joe Nathan though??? The two Sox announcers referred to him as "Joe Nathan, The Very Good Closer", which I am definitely going to start using. They also complimented Nick Punto when he made nice plays, which I appreciated. They were really annoying last year, I guess they've toned it down.

They really enjoyed using the phrase "A different looking Twins team", and mentioned Johan at least 5 times. I guess that really can't be helped though, especially since one of them was very much for Johan going to Boston.

Things I Enjoyed:
- Delmon Young. Good start. I like him a lot, and I'm glad he is Good At Baseball.
- Carlos Gomez and his amazing throw from CF to Mike Redmond to get Dustin Pedroia out at home. It was beautiful. He was very quick, too. I say give him the job.
- The fact that, based on the pre-game show about the Sox down in Ft. Meyers, it looks like the Twins are better golfers. Dustin Pedroia was pretty funny, and had trouble choosing clubs: "I don't even know what to use here...pitching wedge? I'll use the 'P'."
- Hideki Okajima, even though he is a Red Sock. Apparently his splitter is called the 'Oki Doki', and now he has a new, very secretive pitch called the 'Doki Doki'. You can bet I will be following that one. I liked him a lot last year and definitely felt that no one expected anything of him when he came over-- he seemed sort of like an add-on to Daisuke Matsuzaka. But he made the All-Star Team, and has proven reliable. He's pretty adorable, too.
- Brian Buscher. Nice HR, it was a pick up we needed. He made some good plays at 3rd too, which are always appreciated.

Lastly, in the 9th, when I admit I wasn't really paying attention anymore, someone who I do not know knocked in two runs. I apologize to him, and also tell him: "Good job."

All in all... the game was pretty disappointing. Here's hoping we can just own them on Saturday.

Game MVP: Brian Buscher. Because really... we don't have anyone else...and I don't know who the other guy was...


As of yesterday, the Twins officially started Spring Training with a 6-1 loss to the Reds.

So it goes...

As it was only the first game, in the SPRING no less, I'm doing my best not to freak out. Individually, I think all the boys did pretty well. I didn't hear all of the game, as GameDay Audio had some serious beef against me yesterday, but I will be able to watch tonights game out here since the Twins are playing the Red Sox. I really dislike the NESN announcers, but sometimes they show Dick and Bert, so I guess I'll be alright. I'm a little too excited for this game.

I am eagerly awaiting this new and improved Skinny Boof, as well as Kevin Slowey. AND MIKE REDMOND. He has always been a favorite of mine (seriously, how can you NOT love Mike Redmond?!) and he's always so fun to watch. I feel like he could do anything. For a long time, Moneypenny and I thought he should be our new CF-- he would totally climb the baggy and steal HR's from unsuspecting opponents. His undying support of Nick Punto is beyond adorable, and really, any man who takes BP naked is just awesome by definition.

Also, everyone, check out the new and improved Twins Territory site! They have a lot of cool new features, not all of which I've messed around with, but I've created a user/blogger profile. Hopefully once school calms down later this week I'll be able to fiddle with it all.

Feb 26, 2008

Not ANOTHER one...

Since I don't have any free time at the moment, my posts have been reduced to mostly loltwins only. But I think that's okay. I will say though that I am VERY GLAD that Frankie will soon be in Florida.

Hopefully, the man is still prodigy material...

In somewhat Twins-related news, I took a nap the other day and had a dream that Michael Cuddyer was my Calculus TA.

He was a really good TA, patient and everything. In Dream Land, I understand multivariable calculus. Cuddy's amazing.

Gee, think I'm ready for baseball to start?

In honor of such a pleasant dream, today's loltwin is none other than Cuddy Bear himself:

As you should, Cuddy.

Feb 24, 2008

Feb 23, 2008

Brownie Points, and a loltwin

I would really like to say that as the days pass, I am becoming a huge fan of Delmon Young.

I get the distinct impression that Carl Crawford (who I have a decidedly negative impression of) wants to throw down (little does he know not to mess with Minnesota), and Delmon is doing a spectacular job of brushing the whole thing off with dignity and professionalism.
"I'm not worried about anyone else's comments," Young said. "They've got their own stuff in [Rays camp] and we've got our own stuff down here. All I can worry about is these 25 guys and the front office over here."
Carl didn't like that much, and responded (partly) with this:
"...And second of all, I have no problem with coming directly to his face and telling him whatever it is he needs to know. Nobody’s waiting till he leaves. Nobody cares about him leaving. For him to say we want to act like Toby Hall and leave, nobody’s doing that. Trust me. Me personally? Tell him this is a direct statement from me; I will come say it directly to his face. If he wants to know, if he is not sure about anything, I’ll say it directly to his face. I’d be more than happy to say it to his face. Make sure he gets that.'’
The fact that Delmon just smiled and shook his head at this makes me proud. For a player who everyone says still needs to mature, I think he is doing a very good job of showing us he is trying very hard to be the grown-up, professional player we're expecting.

Delmon, you get massive Brownie Points for this.

Also, Gardy gets points for his comment about the Indians signing Jason Tyner (who I miss almost as much as Johan and Torii): "They must've been one home run shy of their quota."

Here's hoping that Jason knocks another out of the park this year.

And also, a loltwin.

I made fun of Joe(s) for long enough, it was time to cover another J. Kubes should probably be next.

Feb 22, 2008

Feb 20, 2008

Operation: Retrieve Sampler

“Hey guys, have you seen Joe?”

Michael Cuddyer, Justin Morneau, and Joe Mauer all looked up from their brown-bag lunches at Kevin Slowey, who was standing before them, looking rather perplexed.

“He’s right here,” Cuddy said slowly, giving Kevin a strange look.

Joe Mauer raised an eyebrow as well—surely Kevin could detect his studliness from such close range.

“No, the other Joe.”

“Oh,” Justin said, “Yeah I saw him and Matt Guerrier leaving to get lunch…yesterday.”

A series of rather un-easy and confused looks were thrown ‘round the quartet.

“Where the heck did they go?” Joe wondered aloud.

“Beats me,” Kevin said with a sigh.

Meanwhile, somewhere between Texas and Mexico…

“Joe, I really don’t think this is the best idea…” Matt Guerrier muttered as they sped down a long stretch of empty highway.

Joe Nathan looked at Matt and raised an eyebrow. “Why not? He needs to get to Spring Training!”

Matt winced. “Well, obviously, but he’s got to do it legally!”

Joe scoffed. “Says who?”

“The law.”

As far as Joe Nathan was concerned, he was the law. He was Joe Nathan, Closer Extraordinaire. Really, he thought, he should have business cards that said that.

“People sneak across the border all the time,” he reasoned as he turned the wheel slightly, the large pick-up truck he’d commandeered hugging the road.

“That doesn’t make it a good idea,” Matt told him. “He needs his visa, and a passport.”

Joe grinned. “I’ve got you covered.”

The twitchiest of pitchers tossed a manila envelope into his companion's lap from the confines of his warm up jacket.

Matt picked it up hesitantly, giving Joe a worried look before opening it and letting it’s contents slide out into his hand.

“Passport,” Joe stated with a grin, obviously pleased with himself. “Dennys is covered.”

Matt raised an eyebrow then flipped the passport over. “Joe,” he blanched, “this is a Canadian passport!” He opened it. “This is Justin’s Canadian passport!”

“I know—it’s foolproof. Nobody hates Canada, they’re neutral!”

“I’m pretty sure that’s Switzerland.”

Joe shrugged his massive shoulders. “Same difference, nobody cares about them either.”

Matt blinked, and then shook his head fiercely. “Joe. You cannot sneak Dennys into the US with Justin’s passport. Dennys is most definitely not a—” he opened Justin’s passport and read the first page, “—six-foot-four, 225 pound, white male.”

Joe waved a hand. “They don’t check that stuff anyways.”

Matt resisted the urge to slap himself. “Yes. Yes they do. It’s the border patrol. It's their job.”

“Here,” Joe said, pulling something else out of his windbreaker. “Put that on over Justin’s picture.”

Joe had handed Matt a thumb-sized sticker—Dennys Reyes’ team photo.

“It’ll work—trust me,” Joe said firmly at Matt’s worried and confused look.

Matt stared at his closing pitcher. The man, despite his twitchiness and scary stare, was amazing, but also, he was apparently nuts. Matt wondered if maybe the pressure of signing and all was getting to him. He had been twitchier of late.

Matt sighed, and then removed the paper backing and placed the photo-sticker of Dennys Reyes on top of Justin Morneau’s photo.

“Good boy,” Joe said.

The pair drove in silence until the border of Mexico came into view.

“Joe?” Matt asked.


“Why’d you have to bring me?”

Joe blinked and looked at him as he slowed the car to a halt. “Who else’d I bring?”

“Pat?” Matt listed.

Joe shook his head. “No way,” he said, “Pat’s music gives me the creeps.” He shuddered in the drivers seat.

Matt couldn’t help but to agree.

Still, he really didn’t think this was the best of plans, and he was starting to feel as twitchy as Joe in the 9th inning after walking the first two batters. Hopefully, the two of them would be able to pull of a miraculous save.

…Or retrieval of Dennys Reyes.

Feb 19, 2008

Spring Training loltwin, Take Two

So I know I already made fun of Joe Mauer once today, but really, I just couldn't resist this one too:

It definitely looks like that's what he's saying....

Spring Training loltwin

Because this picture was just too good.

Feb 16, 2008

This Makes Me Sad

As Nick said...there is nothing more depressing than this picture if you're a Twins fan...

I miss Johan, and this does depress me.

Exposed! Government/Republican Plot Against the Twins

Bush: Well... we've already pissed off most of the world but I still feel the need to piss more people off, but how?
Rice: We could target America's most beloved sport.
Bush: NASCAR?!?!?!
Rice: Of course not! Baseball. But not the Yankees... we like them. Let's target the nice and down to earth teams... like... THE TWINS!
Bush: That sounds like a lot of work... and I'm already late for my afternoon nap.
Rice: Oh not worry, I'll take care of everything... MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Bush: COOL! Wanna read me a story, get me a warm glass of milk and get my Yankee's blanket? You know I can't fall asleep without them.

The Target:

The Amazing Francisco Liriano

The Plot:
Keep Liriano out of the country as long as possible. That way the Twins starting rotation will be headlined by Scotty Baker and Boof Bonser. Thus, slowly torturing and causing severe metal and dare I say, physical pain to any and all Twins fans in the world.

"As part of a memorandum passed by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice last summer, visa applicants must be referred to panel physicians if they "have a single drunk driving arrest or conviction within the last three calendar years." The applicants must undergo a counseling session and also pass a sobriety test."

Ok, so in all honesty, Liriano shouldn't have been drinking under the influence. BUT (and I'm not condoning the behavior in any way, shape, or form) I think the need to be referred to "panel physicians" is kinda extreme and totally unnecessary. Come on! I would stake my savings account on the notation that if Liriano was a Yankee (THANK GOD HE'S NOT) or a Red Sox, this would not be happening. If he had the last name Wang or Sabathia or Matsuzaka or Santana (can I say that yet? Or is it still too soon?) this wouldn't be happening, some phone calls would be made and everyone would just be on their merry way. It's just another way of kicking a dog when it's already down. Way to stick it to the little guys government! Congrats.


After all the setbacks, heartache and pain this organization has caused me over the off season we can add the government (who have also cause me heartache and pain over the last...I'm gonna say, 8ish years) to the list of people that have pissed me off.

Pride Mound

The sun was rising slowly over Hammond Stadium, casting the field in soft golden hues. The stadium was silent and peaceful—mostly because it was way too early for anyone to be awake and ready to play baseball.

In the dark morning light, two figures made their way from the clubhouse out to the center of the infield. The first figure proceeded across the field with determined steps, his slightly husky figure stopping dead center in front of the pitchers mound. The second came up slowly behind him, tall and lanky, and looking no older than thirteen.

“Well, Scotty,” the first man said as the sun continued to rise over the field, “this is all yours now.”

“Really, Gardy?” Scotty sounded doubtful, almost hesitant. “You’re sure?”

“Yep,” Gardy replied, hands on his hips.

Scotty stared around, scanning the entire field, looking more and more nervous.

“You’re the new ace, Scotty,” Gardy told the pre-teen, “this is your territory.”

The sun had continued to rise, and the field was now illuminated.

“Everything the light touches, Scotty, is your kingdom,” Gardy said, his voice deep and rumbling.

Scotty’s frightened face turned into one of awe.


Light touched an awful lot. “Like the BMW I want?” Scotty questioned. Light had been touching it when he looked at it at the dealership. He was getting excited now.

Gardy resisted the urge to slap himself. “No, not like that—like the field.”

“Not the Ping driver I saw yesterday?” It was a $500.00 driver. He'd really like to not pay for it, if he could.


“Are you sure? You did say everything the light touches.”

“It was a metaphor, Scotty. Haven’t you ever seen The Lion King?” Gardy seemed slightly exasperated.

Scotty blinked, then looked rather sheepish. “Yeah, but I don’t like it very much—I don’t like when Mufasa dies.”

“None of us do,” Gardy assured him, patting him comfortingly on the back. “But what I was trying to get to here, Scotty, is that now that you’re the new ace and Frankie can’t get into the country, and Boof can’t last more than two innings, you’ve got to rule the field.”

“Like a lion?” Scotty was trying his best to stick with The Lion King theme. “Am I—am I Simba?”

Scotty was in awe once again. Because if he was Simba, born to inherit the kingdom, that made Johan Mufasa, and the thought of Johan dying was almost as painful as the fact that he went to the Mets.

“Something like that,” Gardy said.

He was beginning to feel like maybe this had been the wrong way to try and explain things to Scotty.

“Wow. I never thought this day would come,” Scotty admitted.

“Me neither… but it has, Scotty, and you need to be prepared to lead the team to victory on the mound. Do you think you can handle that?”

Really, it was a lot of pressure to put on a twelve year-old.

“I mean, I guess,” Scotty said, “since it’s my destiny and all to inherit the field.”

He looked back out on the field and imagined the future: he threw powerful curve balls and fast balls too fast for the best of hitters. He saw himself getting double-play balls even when they weren’t needed. He threw no-hitters like it was his JOB… it was glorious.

“Good,” Gardy said. He was starting to feel exhausted. And he seriously hoped Scotty didn’t follow The Lion King metaphor all season. There was really only so far you could take it.

“One question though,” Scotty said, suddenly sounding concerned. He’d realized a flaw in his Lion King-like future.


“If I’m Simba, I’m going to need an advisor—and a crazy monkey that knows my destiny.”

Gardy stared at Scotty. He looked too earnest to let down. “I’ll talk to Cuddy and Red.”


Because if anyone is going to be Zazu, it's Cuddy Bear, and if anyone is going to be a crazy, red-butted monkey, it's Mike Redmond.

Feb 14, 2008

Spring Training T-Minus 2 Days! Let the rotation shuffle begin...

Soon the end of the void in my life that is the off season will come to an end. Hell yes.

But, as we all know, the start of spring training means the answer of some pretty important questions...


Here are my picks

  1. The prodigy is back, baby. As in the return of Francisco Liriano. WHOLE LOTTA! It seems as though with the "trade-that-must-not-be-named" (that's my new name for the Santana trade, even though I'm strangely optimistic about it... which is completely out of character for me...) Liriano is more than prepared to step into the gaping hole left by Santana. The man went 12-3 with an ERA of 2.16! That, my friend, is what I call starter for opening day material. I know the whole surgery thing might put him in contention for the starting rotation for the Red Wings, but I fully believe that the trade-that-must-not-be-named lit a fire under this kid. If Santana was still here, I feel like the NEED for Liriano wasn't immediate but now... it is. We need a dominating force on the mound and, honestly, a batter is not going to be intimidated by Baker or Boof... it's just not going to happen. Liriano has been throwing at full velocity and has been working other pitches to lay off his slider and stay healthy. Minnesota, meet your new ace.
  2. In my last post I said that the Twins need to find experience. They must have finally woken up and started taking my advice (although starting this back before Thanksgiving would have been a better time... then we might still have Hunter and Santana) because they signed Livan Hernandez. While I can't pretend to know that much about him, I'm all down for 11 years of experience with a career record of 134-128, a world series ring (which he was named MVP) and a career ERA of 4.25. Hey, I'll take it any day.
  3. What can I say about Scott Baker... he improved ten-fold this last season. 9-9 with an ERA of 4.20 isn't half bad considering in 2006 he was 5-8 with an ERA of 6.37. Not only have his stats improved but the kid (that's right I said kid, when I look older than someone I have no problem calling them kid) had a no-no going into the 9th! Can someone say improvement? Because I can. He makes a strong #3 in the rotation and I think he'll be one of the stabilizers in this season.
  4. Kevin Slowey, the new Brad Radke. He's an innings eater and showed that he doesn't crack under pressure. In his rookie season went 4-1 in a total of 13 games both as a starter and out of the pen. In a year or two, he's gonna be a strong presence in the rotation. On a side note, he speaks like 4 languages. I love this man, enough said.
  5. The fifth starter could be anyone's guess, my hope is that one of the pitchers that we got from the Mets so that all the naysayers of the trade-that-must-not-be-named can eat their words. Right now though, I'm pretty sure that the fifth spot is going to be shared quite often by those traveling up and down from triple A. Right now I feel that Nick Blackbrun or Glen Perkins might be getting the call to start the season there, but I bet anything that we'll be seeing Philip Humber and Brian Bass too this season.
*Note that no where in my picks for the starting rotation will you find Boof Bonser (although I did mention him, but that was just to make fun of him). I refuse to accept his presence on the team. I'm just now totally ignoring him because for some reason the Twins feel the need to keep him around. I don't know why...


Feb 13, 2008

Cuddy Bear...?

This is why you DON'T mess with Michael Cuddyer:

He is not afraid to come up behind you, thrown you down, and choke you.

...Just kidding. I heart you, Cuddy. This picture, however, is just so good on so many levels.

The Santana Trade

Ok, so I think that the trade of the century needs to be addressed. The more I read blogs on the web about how the Twins made the biggest mistake ever, the more I get pissed off. Yes, the trade didn't get us the big names that had been thrown around--no Lester, no Hughes... but it did give us 4 very talented but very young players. If the Twins know how to do anything, it's taking young players and teaching them the trade and turn them into all-stars.

The biggest and best example I can think of this is Johan. We pick him up through a RULE 5 DRAFT! Was he an all-star before coming to Minnesota? No! He was pitching out of the pen! Granted, he's always had so much natural talent and an amazing work ethic but it's the Twins' pitching staff that created him into the 20-games-a-season-winning-2-time-cy-young-award-winner-all-around-bad-ass that he is. Rick Anderson is arguably one of the best pitching coaches in baseball and the Twins have put so much in their farm system, I have complete and total faith in the fact that the Twins' system has the ability to create amazing players. Look at players like Hunter, Mauer, Cuddyer and Morneau; in that group you have 4 all-stars, an MVP, 7 golden gloves, batting title champ and two silver slugger awards. All have been spotted by the Twins, signed and sent though the system. Then their are the scouts that have found Liriano, Santana and Nathan. We obviously have an eye for picking out the talent and then we have the ability to turn it into something great.

Although I might be extremely worried about our rotation this season and, in all honesty, I might still be worried about it next season. But my worries do not stem from lack of talent (except for Boof... WHY IS THAT MAN STILL ON THE TEAM?!?!?) they stem from the fact that none of the pitchers vying for a spot in the rotation are experienced. Over time we're going to have an amazing rotation, we saw signs of it last season--Scotty's near no-no and Slowey's 4-1 record.

The promise is there... to have consistency it's just going to take time.

So to all those that are saying that the Twins just made the worst trade in the history of trades... suck it.

Feb 11, 2008

Dear LNP...

Dear Nick Punto,

I know the season has yet to start, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m rooting for you.

Really—you’re my favorite Twin under 5’10”.

I’m hoping for some more amazing catches and crazy behind the back throws this year. And maybe some more leap-frogging.

And head first slides.

But…no more bunting.


Really, Nicky, I hate to say it, but you’re going to have to step it up this year at Spring Training.

C’mon, remember when you used to bat second? I do. They were glorious days. But it looks like they’re trying to put some new guys in your turf. I mean—Mike Lamb? That name does not strike fear into balls that fly into the hot corner like ‘Nick Punto’ does. The guy isn’t even a piranha! Not to mention, he looks real scary in his roster picture...

I think you should shoot for 2nd base. You’ve got quick hands and a good arm. And the leap-frogging.

I guess, Nicky, all I’m trying to say is that if you don’t somehow have a spot in the line-up this season, my heart will be broken. You were my first Bat-Girl style Boyfriend.

And those ties run deep.

All I’m tryin’ to say is, Nicky, I want you to be back in the top of the line-up.

But, no matter what, no bunting.



Feb 8, 2008

Where in the World is... Matt Guerrier?

So, after reading the projected batting order on Lipgloss and Baseball, and then checking it out of the actual Twins site... I noticed that Shaggy is no where in the bullpen.

WHY THE HELL NOT?! Have we forgotten that we like him? That he had a decent ERA last year?

Dennys? Really guys?

This disgruntles me.

So here, have a loltwin:

LNP...what was this?

It's why you're not in the projected batting order, that's what.

Feb 6, 2008

A Little Bit of...Optimism?

Moneypenny and I have a mutual friend who is currently gallivanting around Europe with a sword, and she said something to me today that made me wonder why it didn't occur to me before:

"As I said before, if we cant win the World Series when we have the best players in the league, maybe we can win it if we DON'T have the best players in the league. I have faith in the twins."

Well said.

While I am not entirely optimistic about the upcoming season (SPRING TRAINING: T-MINUS 10 DAYS!), I'm not completely pessimistic about it either. Hopefully we can work things out during Spring Training.

Really, I am trying to be optimistic about it.

I feel like as long as I don't see Boof pitch, I'll be okay.

Feb 5, 2008


This is what happens when I find ridiculous pictures of Nick Punto.

There are more waiting in the wings...and if anyone has any funny pictures of any of the Twins...send 'em my way.

"Believe it"

Johan Santana released a wonderfully sentimental statement, which you can find here, courtesy of La Velle E. Neal's blog (which is where I stole this wonderful picture from).

It makes me want to cry.

Feb 4, 2008

Ads Trump Championships

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate Moneypenny on her first blog post.

It WAS about damn time.

Secondly, I would like to congratulate the NY Giants on their Super Bowl title. I don't even like football and I got into the game yesterday. Living in Boston, Pats fan are everywhere-- they sell shirts outside Fenway that say 'Peyton Manning Sucks', and even ones that just say 'Eli Sucks Too'-- and I was glad to see the Giants ruin their perfect season. The Pats are cheaters. And I don't like cheaters.

Plus, I think Eli Manning is adorable.

It was an intense game, with a lot of complexity to it...well, as much complexity that football can have, any ways.

I liked when they would show Peyton Manning up in one of the booths-- he'd get so excited for his little bro. I am looking forward to more ads with the Manning brothers. One of my all-time favorite is Peyton's Mastercard ad... Rub some dirt in it!

Speaking of ads, the official Twins site has a new ad out for the '08 campaign. Let me be the first one to say our marketing team is brilliant. I love the Twins ads. The ad with Joe and Johan driving to the Dome last year was one of the best. I've shown them to people out here, and they all tell me they wish the Sox had cool ads.

World Series rings? Psht. We have cool ads.

With the Super Bowl out of the way now, the countdown to baseball season begins (unless, of course, you're a hockey fan...or basketball...) The Twins pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in T-minus 12 days.


It's about damn time I wrote something...

Let me start out by saying that not all of my posts will be like this... but there are a few things I need to get off my chest. As a diehard Twins fan I think I've earned that much.

I start this blog with a heavy heart. It seems as though we are on the eve of one of the worst seasons of Twins baseball in Minnesota history. I men, honestly, the fact that now Scott "Scotty doesn't know" Baker being the new Twins ace is not all that reassuring AND the whole no center fielder thing kinda worries me (I know we have Carlos Gomez now... but lets face it, he probably still needs time in triple A). And to top it all off the Twins feel the need to put out an "official press release" to let the fans know that Boof has lost 20 pounds... OH MY GOD WHY IS THAT MAN STILL ON OUR TEAM?!?!? I could care less if over the winter he magically transformed his body to look like Brad Pitt in Troy, it's just not happening. I could throw a better fastball. Hell, my 4 year old cousin could throw a better fast ball. If you suck in the 1st inning, you're going to suck in the 7th--regardless if you now have the ability to get there. 

Another Twins move that pissed me off... the signing of Adam Everett. Why? I mean he seems like a nice guy (although he does look like he's 12, but that gives young Scotty a new friend to color and play hide-and-seek with) but... MOVE PUNTO TO SHORTSTOP! It is a defensive position! That is Punto in a nutshell, the man deserves an award named after him. I've seen him drive into the third row to make a catch. I've seen him make bare handed catches and then throw across the diamond. Isn't that what you want your shortstop to do? Why put a perfectly good player on the bench and sign a free agent? I know his batting average was low... but the goal of shortstop is to take away hits from the other team... not necessarily make them at your at-bats.

Don't even get me started with the Torii Hunter thing. I'm still pissed about that. The news of him signing with the Angels totally ruined my Thanksgiving... I holiday that is now no longer my favorite because of the memory of that day. I was at his final home game as a Twins, there are no words to describe what it was like. Every time that man stepped onto the field there was a standing ovation. I still get chills thinking about it. He was a once in a life time player, a true gentleman. He was my generation's Kriby. Now he's gone and on opening day I get to watch him come out smiling on the field with the same 48 on his back, but this time watch him take home runs and doubles away from my beloved Twins. It's blasphemy and I'll be crying on the inside when I see it. 

Then there's Johan, the man, the legend, one badass dude. Gone. Just like Torii. I think the trade was ok. For this season it sucked. I will be interested in seeing how Gomez does and if he starts as our new center fielder but the other 3 will still need plenty of time in the minors. I think in a few years the trade might pan out, but for now it's just a waiting game. Right now we need experience in our rotation... I hope to God the Twins are trying to sign some free agent. 

I guess for now we'll just have to wait and see. The 2008 season right now can be summed up like this... HOLY FRICK WE ARE GOING TO HAVE PROBLEMS! But somehow I still keep the faith. How? I have no idea... but it's there. 

Feb 2, 2008

It's Officially Official...

Dave St. Peter sent me an e-mail today in regards to the Johan trade. No, not a personal e-mail, but how cool would that be? It was kind of like that letter of apology The Mets sent out at the end of last season to their fans. It's official now, everyone has passed their physicals (not like we didn't think Johan wouldn't pass).

It made me sad how the franchise felt the need to say that we reached out to Johan, but ultimately Johan and his agent said ‘no’:

As the club has stated many times, our first choice was to sign Johan to a contract extension ensuring he remained in a Twins uniform for years to come. Despite the largest multi-year offer in Twins history - one which would have rewarded Johan with the highest annual salary among all pitchers in Baseball - the team and Johan's representatives respectfully were unable to reach agreement.

It seemed a little underhanded, but that’s just me.

It was nice to see some more stats on our new acquisitions, though. I read a nice interview with Carlos Gomez, and he seems like a good kid. I'm willing to accept him into the Twins family.

"This is my opportunity to be a center fielder… I have to prepare for a new organization, but I'm ready. The only thing I want is to play baseball and play every day…I don't want to say I can play like Torii, that guy is unbelievable, I'm just going to be Carlos Gomez. But I think I can play center. I have speed, I like to hustle and I like to slide. I think I play a good center field and hopefully the fans will get to see that."

He seems pretty excited and determined, and has a generally optimistic attitude about his new team. Really, we couldn’t ask for anything more…unless he can throw a mean slider left-handed.

Torii was also quoted in this same interview, and I was pretty touched by what he had to say.

"I don't think they are rebuilding. I think they are trying to put pieces in place around Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau and Michael Cuddyer. I think the bullpen is still the same. The starters, they are going to be young, but they are talented. This team has many of the right pieces already in place."

I’m glad to know he still loves us, and I’d really like to believe him about the not-rebuilding thing.

We do still have a lot of our clutch players. Mike Redmond is nothing if not clutch. I’m sure if we asked him to, he’d go out and pitch a few innings, then go out to center and climb the baggie for balls. Cuddy is consistent, both at the plate and in the outfield. Canada is still MVP worthy. And despite Joe’s rather rocky season last year, I have hope he can rebound.

Our bullpen is still strong, but I won’t try and tell you I’m not nervous as hell about our starting rotation (aka... Scotty as our ace and Boof as a permanent fixture IN said rotation). I’m hoping to see some of it at Spring Training, and then after that offer my opinion. I'm hoping Frankie can come back this season and pitch, and I've got great hope for Kevin Slowey (who is my new boyfriend now that Matt's gone).

I’ve just noticed that on the official Twins site, the cartoons/pictures at the top of the web page have been replaced.

I especially like the Gardy.