Jun 27, 2008

Mums The Word...

I have promised myself I won't jinx the awesomeness that we currently are right now...so, instead, I've found this for you:

Mike Lowell Second In All-Star Voting But Leads In All-Star Superdelegates

Some times, I can't express how much I love The Onion.

Jun 20, 2008

Big Unit and a Big Inning [Twins 7, D-Backs 2]

It's been tough goings while my partner in crime is in Croatia, digging for ancient things. No one quite understands my love of the Twins like Moneypenny...but she found a tomb, so props to her.

I was lucky enough to be at the game last night, and I think my favorites parts were when Gogo ran onto the field and tripped then barrel rolled, got up laughing and kept going, and then that miraculous 6 run third inning. Really. That's all high quality entertainment right there. Priceless even.

Scotty had me pretty twitchy for most of the game, but he held his own with only one earned run. Brian Bass, too. I always feel like he gets handed really bad situations...usually courtesy of Boof. And I suppose the twitches Scotty caused me weren't all his fault...I still have NO idea where that home plate ump's strike zone was. My dad and I were very confused as we tried to call the balls and strikes. Imagine how poor Scotty felt.

I also noticed that the D-Backs are sort of the team of little brothers...there's only two of them, but still. I think Stephen Drew is a lot more adorable than JD...he just always looks angry to me. And on a side note regarding the Diamond Backs...I think Randy Johnson should grow a full-out mullet again. I feel like that would make him even MORE intimidating. And it would be funny.

B.O.D. is a tough one. I'm tempted to give it to C. Mo because he hit a homerun when I called for one. Then Gogo for barrel rolling on the field and running really fast around the bases and doing some crazy slides. But I think I'm going to give it to Scotty for his 7 strike outs and only 1 earned run. Good work, Scotty. You knew.

With the White Sox losing to the Cubs (I wonder why Ozzie hasn't started swearing again), this win puts us only 3.5 games out of first. It's almost like that one really bad stretch (like those games against said Sox) didn't happen.

I am completely okay with that.

Also, I would like yo congratulate Cuddy on the birth of his son, Casey. Now he can take his own kid to Chuck E. Cheese's instead of borrowing Red Dogs.

Jun 13, 2008

Kevin Slowey Would Hit That [Twins 10, Brew Crew 2]


What a way to win a game. Kevin Slowey is my favorite person right now. Between his two hits, his double, two RBI's, 8 innings of work, only five hits given up, 99 pitches... I don't even know what part was my favorite.

Needless to say, Kevin is the B.O.D. I'm glad I can finally give him one, he definitely deserves it. He had me laughing and cheering like no other.

So did Bill Hall. It was, what, 6 runs that we got on his errors? That might be wrong, but it's close enough. I feel bad for him, especially when the Brewers fans boo him...but not that bad, right now.

Kubes and Justin did their fair share this evening as well, which is always enjoyable. Gogo and Casilla decided to start their hit streaks up again (man was I sad to see those end). All in all, it was a pretty awesome game.

One thing I was NOT thrilled about was Cuddy's hand... he needs to stop hurting his right hand.


I was glad to see that our offense came back, a few games too late, but back none-the-less. Good work, boys.

Jun 12, 2008

A Long Time Coming...


The Twins have optioned Juan Rincon off to Rochester, and he says he'd rather be a free agent than a minor leaguer.

I am perfectly okay with all of that.

What? We Won? [Twins 8, Tribe 5]

Whoa. We won a game? Finally?

Damn right we did.

In honor of said win, I made a Brendan Harris loltwin:

And I'm giving B.O.D. honors to our favorite Canadian (though it could go to a few other people as well... Cuddy and Kubes put up good fights, I think). Good work, Justin-- I'll take multiple RBI doubles any day.

Jun 9, 2008

A Bit Of A Disappointment...

I think it's safe to say that this entire series with the White Sox was a disappointment.

To say the least.

I didn't watch all four games in their entirety, but I saw bits and pieces of them. From what I saw, I think today's was the most disappointing. We left so many men on base. Even though we were hitting the ball (both Macri and My Favorite Republican had nice at bats), we still couldn't score the runs we needed when it counted. I didn't see what happened when the Sox caught up and retook the lead, but I'm guessing it wasn't pretty.

This entire series wasn't pretty.


Jun 2, 2008

No Laughing Matter [Twins 5, Yanks 1]

As I sit and watch the pre-game for tonight's game, I realize I forgot to write a blog for yesterday's game.

My Saturday morning started out normally enough, I slept till 10-ish, when I was woken up by the ringing of my phone. Moneypenny had somehow scored tickets the days game-- in the 5th row to the right of home plate.

Obviously, the answer to "Do you want to go?" was yes.

As we drove to the dome and parked at our favorite lot, ridiculously excited about our amazing seats, it came to our attention that the parking attendant there knows us (due to a dysfunctional drivers side door). We were greeted with a "Welcome back", which I found a little bit hilarious.

Walking down the steps to our seats, counting the rows, was amazing. I had never been so close before. We could see everything.

Including Nick Blackburn's line drive to the face.

In my one moment of seriousness, I joke about taking line drives to the face a lot...

But after seeing Nick fall down onto the mound and flop down like he was dead, I will refrain from making such jokes. For a good few seconds, I really thought he wasn't getting up. If there is anything that could have ruined baseball for me, it would be Nick Blackburn dying on the mound.

I was pretty mad at Bobby Abreu, but after seeing his face on the TV replay, he looked like he felt pretty bad. I feel like he might have gone up to the mound to make sure all was well, but was too afraid that Justin would deck him...which I would have supported at the time.

Aside from that scary moment, we could see Gogo's swearing, Joe's twitching, and, after Justin's triple-with-an-error that I still refer to as an inside the park homerun, Alexi Casilla fanning him in the dugout.

On that note, Alexi Casilla is growing on me. I still wonder what happened to the Casilla of yesteryear, but I won't dwell on it.

I will upload my pictures from said game later tonight (I actually have Justin's swing from his not-technically inside the park homerun), where I will then reflect upon tonights game...which isn't going so well right now.