May 31, 2008

Damn Yankees... And I Don't Mean the Musical

So, L and I decided that we needed to go to the game tonight to cheer on our boys because we've been slacking in that department... and who can really pass up on a chance to mock the Yankees. After a dinner of Jimmy Johns it was off to the Dome for, what turned out to be, some of the best play by play commentary EVER. The tone of night was set when L realized that I was wearing my Joe Mauer shirt and she was wearing her Justin Morneau shirt (honestly, we didn't plan it), we were pretty much bad asses in them.

We when got to our seats and looked down at the field one thing became very apparent...


It's really not a good look. Honestly I was surprised that when they bent over they didn't rip their pants. No one needs to wear pants like that, no one. I don't care how many times you've been named MVP or how many golden gloves you have on your mantle, its just not necessary.

During the bottom of the 1st inning another question came up...


I really don't know what to say about him, other then that I'm seriously impressed with how he's played both offensively and defensively. He's channeling 2006 season Nicky Punto... I love it. Hats off to you Alexi Casilla, way to earn your keep.

On a side note, I started writing this blog after the game on Friday night... but I guess this applies to the game last night as well. L and I are going to the game today, so expect more play by play commentary later tonight on how stud-ly the Stud is. Although, to get the tickets I have to babysit after the game... so maybe expect a blog tomorrow.

May 29, 2008

C. Mo For The Win [Twins 9, Royals 8]

If I thought the LAST game was ridiculous (or cradiculoussary), last nights game was even better.

All I have to say:

C. Mo, you are B.O.D.

Hands. Down.

 it just me, or does it look like he's trying to high-five Olivo?

May 28, 2008

This Game Caused The Creation of A New Word [Twins 4, Landed Gentry 3]

Words cannot describe how I feel about this game.

It was crazy. It was ridiculous. It was completely unnecessary.

It was... cradiculoussary.

From Cuddy's foul ball that may have been fair (a call that I still have YET to make my mind up on), to the in the park homer, to Gogo's ridiculous fall-down at the plate, to Joe Nathan's blown save... I don't even know where to begin.

So let's start with the bad.

Joe Nathan's blown save and in the park homerun. Now this is not entirely Joe's fault...personally, I think the majority of the blame goes to Delmon Young. He needed to keep the ball in FRONT of him. Not back in the corner BEHIND him.

The look on Nick Blackburn's face when his shut-out got thrown out... it made me tear up (almost like the hug that Kevin Slowey gave him after he came into the dugout in the 9th). Words can't really describe how upset I was.

The bullpenm after that awful few minutes, was relatively solid, Joe struck the rest of the men he faced out, and with a few minor mishaps...we did alright.

Now the good.

Cuddy is clutch again.

Enough. Said.

Gogo drew another walk. I like patience at the plate.

Alexi Casilla successfully took out the Royals' 2nd baseman Esteban German in a spectacular slide.

And Finally... Nick Blackburn. Buddy, you may not officially get the shut out, but in our book here at OMGS, you most definitely did. Hands down, you get the B.O.D.

You'll get 'em next time, Blackie.

Also... Bert was cracking me up tonight.

"I've got a big toe with no toe nail, you wanna see it?"

Poor Dick.

May 23, 2008

Lammers is a winner! [Twins 9, Kittens 4]

I don't think words can describe how much I love Mike Lamb, especially after his post game interview when he said that he now needs to work on that "whole base stealing thing." Amazing. Boyfriend of the day goes to Lammerz without a doubt: 1st homerun as a Twin, a triple and 4 runs scored pretty much makes him a stud. Way to be a winner.

Honorable mentions need to go to Slowey. Six shut out innings against the Tigers (...cough kittens cough...) is pretty damn good.

Mi scuzi, mi scuzi...

Let me take this opportunity to apologize for the lack of blogging lately, but since I've had my 2-ish weeks of freedom and I'm now devoting the rest of my summer to research expect more... because let's face it, I'll take any excuse to stop studying. For example, I'm actually writing this from my school's library because a person can only take so much ancient Roman history.

Ok, back to the Twins...

WTF GUYS?!?!?! Did we decide now to only win a game a series now? Did I miss the memo? Remember when we were leading the division for, like, a week? I do! Those were good times. To sum up my current frustrations with the Twins, I've made up a list of "what's up with..." statements.

  1. What's up with us being swept by Toronto? And even more so, what's up with the fact that the Blue Jays only have ONE person from Canada on the team? I feel like Matt Stairs might be really lonely. Who is going to sing the Canadian national anthem beyond the first "Oh Canada" line or add "eh?" at the ends of sentences with him? Shouldn't there be a rule that the team must have at least more than one person from the country on the team? I mean, I understand the fact that hockey is where it's at in the land to the north, but I'm sure other hockey players, like our very own MVP, have traded in their skates for cleats.
  2. What's up with us only winning one game against Colorado? THEY SUCK THIS YEAR! This October will most certainly not be Rocktober. They're were/still are 10 games out of first and it seems like every other person is on the DL there... and we still manage to lose...
  3. What's up with us getting lead off extra base hits and then not doing anything with them? Who thought that was a good idea? Not me. Remember when batters used to bunt JUST to move runners over? It seems like a distant magical memory.
  4. What's up with this statement: "Bats completely haunted by Ponson"... WTF. That sentence makes no logical sense to me... I don't even think it was in English, in fact, I'm certain its not. "Ponson threw his first complete game in more than three years, holding the Twins to just one run on six hits as Minnesota fell to Texas, 10-1, on Wednesday night at the Metrodome." I just threw up in my month...
  5. What's up with everyone going on the DL... COME ON GUYS! Punto needs to hurry up and fix his hamstring because we need him. When Gardy tells Cuddy that he might need to play shortstop, you know things are bad. I'll I know is that I miss mini-Canada, the kid was growing on me.
Let's just stop this. I'm willing to forget everything since the Red Sox series if you guys are. Here's hoping that the Tigers are still sleeping weekend.

May 14, 2008

Long Time No See...Er, Blog

Let me be the first to apologize for the lack of updates recently. Both Moneypenny and I had/have finals, and I myself returned to MN on Saturday. And since returning home, have really felt like doing, well... nothing. So sorry for that.

I would also like to apologize for the losses these past two nights. I'm blaming them on myself, because I was at the last two games of the Sox series, and we won those. Again, my apologies.

Expect more updates as the days go on and I find my motivation again.

Until then...listen to this.

While at Fenway this past month, reliever Hideki Okajima came into the game and had the most amazing walk-up song ever. It is, quite literally, his theme song. And it is so freakin' catchy.

May 8, 2008

Gogo Goes [Twins 13, White Sox 1]

For the cycle, that is.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

I didn't see all of tonights game, but I saw us score 11 of those 13 runs. I love when we beat the White Sox, I really do. They're all just so cocky. Ozzie Guillen proved that the other day. I can't understand a word that man says...ever, really.

Anyways. Tonight B.O.D. was hard to pick, it was definitely between Livan and Gogo. And since the Twins havent' had a player hit for the cycle since...well...since I can remember, Gogo is IT.

May 6, 2008

This Is Probably Against The Rules...

...but I have changed my boyfriend. I'm sure this will cause shunning from all directions, but really, if I'm honest... I don't love Kevin Slowey as much as I now love Gogo. It's just not fair to Kevin.

And I know of at least 2 other bloggers who love him more than I do.

There will always be a special place in my heart for Kevin, like there is for Joe Nathan and LNP.

(...on a side note, this game with the ChiSox is PAINFUL)

May 5, 2008

Nicky Wins Again!

So last time we gave LNP B.O.D. just because he played center, which is fully justifiable. But yesterday, the man actually had 2 hits and not to mention, one of those hits was a huge 2 RBI double! Good job LNP! Way to stick it to the Tigers. After yesterday's game I would have been scared to go back into the clubhouse if I was playing for Jim Leyland... he did not look happy during that game. I guess thats what you get when you mess with the awesomeness that is the Minnesota Twins.

Leading the division right now?


May 3, 2008


So, while I did not see the game two nights ago, I heard about it.

And the best part about it was LNP playing center.

Which, by default, makes him B.O.D.

Congrats, Nicky.