Sep 30, 2008

While It Feels Like A Tradegy...


I am sad.

I shed tears. For the second time in my life, baseball made me cry (the first was when Kirby retired).

But this end really is not the tragedy it feels like to us right now.

This season was an amazing 163 game ride that no one could have expected or believed would happen. After losing two of our biggest stars in the off season, losing Pat Neshek in the beginning of the season, being plagued with injuries and spots of bad luck, we still managed to make it to what I would consider the play-offs.

That game tonight was a play-off game. It was an elimination that we fell just short of. And even though I am still unbelievably sad about the outcome of said game, I have to say, it was a good one. An intense end to an excellent season.

And all I really can say right now is that I am beyond proud of our team.

So, hats off to you, boys.

You gave it your all and showed everyone that you can play the game of baseball just like the big money franchises. You showed the world that no matter what, you were going to give it your all and play every game like it was the biggest game of your life. And you showed us, that no matter what happens in the off season or the regular season, that you wouldn't give up and that you believed in yourselves as a team.

Thank you.

(And let's all cheer for the Rays to effectively destroy the White Sox...)


Miss. Moneypenny said...

I'm sad as well... but it was great while it lasted.

The Rays will crush the White Sox. This is a fact. And like my love of Tribe-tober last October, I will totally root for the underdogs the whole way.

Ray-tober anyone?

S.Rail said...

Don't worry, I cried too. We were so close and I guess I just wasn't satisfied with their season yet. But they had a great season and I am so voting for the Rays to KILL those SOX